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Product DescriptionHP-BGPL2200 Blood Gas Analyzer                                               

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Product Description
HP-BGPL2200 Blood Gas Analyzer


SpecificationBlood Gas  Analyzer


Test ItemsPCO2, PO2, pH  .

Calculation parameterspH(TC),PCO2(TC),PO2(TC),HCO3-,SBC,BE,BEecf,TCO2,sO2%,P50,A-aDO2,RI

Measurement rangeItem

Test ItemspH valuepH6.800~8.000

Carbon dioxide pressurePCO28.0~200.0mmHg

oxygen partial pressurePO20~800.0mmHg

Calculation parametersHydrogen carbonate rootHCO3-22.0~26.0mmol/L

Standard bicarbonateSBC22.0~26.0mmol/L

Whole blood alkali superBE-2.0~2.0mmol/L

Extracellular fluidBeecf-2.0~2.0mmol/L

Of All Co2 EmissionsTCO223.0~27.0mmol/L

Oxy hemoglobin saturationSO2%93.0~99.0%

Half a saturation oxygenP5025.5~28.5mmHg

The alveolar arterialA-aDO25~50mmHg



Standard calciumnCa0.3~5.0mmol/L

Samplewhole blood 150μl

Test Methodautomatic sampling

Testing time50s

Printerbuild-in thermal printer

Display screen8" TFT colorful LCD touch screen


InterfacesRS232 ,Barcode scanner

Temperature+15ºC -- +30ºC

Relative humidity110V~240V ,50HZ



blood gas analyserpH value6.800~8.000PH
carbon dioxide pressure8.0~200.0mmHgPCO2
oxygen partial pressure0~800.0mmHgPO2
parameterHydrogen carbonate root concentration22.0~26.0mmol/LHCO3-
standard bicarbonate22.0~26.0mmol/LSBC
Whole blood alkali super-2.0~2.0mmol/LBE
Extracellular fluid alkali super-2.0~2.0mmol/LBeecf
Of All Co2 Emissions23.0~27.0mmol/LTCO2
oxyhemoglobin saturation93..0~99.0%SO2%
Half a saturation oxygen partial pressure25.5~28.5mmHgP50
The alveolar arterial oxygen pressure difference5~50mmHgA-aDO2










1. Easy control:
It has colorful graphical touching screen for easy operation. Reagent packages can set the parameters calibration instead of the gas cylinder.

2. Advanced Technology:
We adopt solid ions chosen electric pole to test electrolyte. It is more accurate and repeatable. Solid ions chosen electric pole need not maintain for whole life, and it can be used for 24-36 months.

3. Cost-effective:
User can choose the ions depend on their need to reduce the cost of reagent.

4. Safety:
Automatic sample taking ensure the safety and the regular working. Low cost, safe reagent bag, which is not need to maintain and avoid infection.

5. Comprehensive:
Not only can test blood gas, but also oxygen saturation of blood. It can satisfy the requirements of convenience and the low operating cost in the lab.
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