DIY, OEM and customized medical supplies disposable infusion and blood collection care kits/disposable blood collection and blood transfusion dressing bags

Disposable Convenient Infusion Care Kit Product pictureProduct Composition Infustion kitBSYTourniquet2×45cm1pcsIodine swabstick, normal 2pcsInfustion dressing 4trips/pcs, 4*7cm1pcsDry Cotton Swabs7.5cm2pcsDrape 40g SMS 20*30cm1pcsProduct Advantage To prevent cross infection.Reduce cost an

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Disposable Convenient Infusion Care Kit 

Product picture

DIY, OEM and Customization Medical Supplies Disposable Infusion and Blood Collection Care Kit/Disposable Dressing Bag for Blood Collection and Transfusion

Product Composition

Infustion kitBSYTourniquet2×45cm1pcs
Iodine swabstick, normal 2pcs
Infustion dressing 4trips/pcs, 4*7cm1pcs
Dry Cotton Swabs7.5cm2pcs
Drape 40g SMS 20*30cm1pcs

Product Advantage 

To prevent cross infection.
Reduce cost and save time.
Convenient use, make treatment easy.
Save labor for collecting components as need.
With EO sterilization, the effect can be assured very well for long time.
Flexible combination of components, we provide customization and OEM services.

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Disposable Transparent Semi-Permeable Wound Dressing Big Wound

The above products can be customized according to customer's requirements and OEM services.


Disposable Transparent Semi-Permeable Wound Dressing Big Wound
Disposable Transparent Semi-Permeable Wound Dressing Big Wound
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